Sunday, November 28, 2010

November tea swap!

I received my package from the November tea swap. I just love all my little gifts from my swap partner Valerie.
 My beautiful Red Hat Victorian Lady is fulled with Lavender to make my room smell oh-so-lovely.
The lovely Christmas tea coaster is to hang from my "tea tree".
Valerie send her thanks and good greetings in this beautiful card fill with tea cups on it.
adagio tea                                      
  Pomegranate and white Pear  
Harney & Sons
                         Hot Cinnamon Spice and Cranberry Autumn                                                        

I am excited about the tea.
(4) Bags of whole tea. I have never had this tea before. I love when I get something new for my tea experience.
Special Tea Writing Cards. I love to send greeting to my Tea and Victorian friends with cards. As you can see Valerie knows me very well.
Tea Swaps is a very good way to make new friends and get to know what they like. I hope all will join and have fun.

With the Christmas holidays coming up, I feel it would be to much to have a Tea Swap for the Month of December. I am sure we all have a lot on our plate! So, enjoy your holiday giving and we will look for our first tea swap for the New Year in January 2011.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Victorian Tea With Lady Estelle

By the end of the 19th century,taking afternoon and high tea was a daily ritual, complete with rules of etiquette that could make or break a lady of consequence.

Afternoon tea was taken in the late afternoon,usually in a drawing room or sitting room with finger-sized,dainty tea sandwiches, scones and sweets,beautifully arranged on low tables.

Tea was served with the best linens and china of the household,and making tea to perfection was a serious matter.

It was a social occasion, time to relax and converse and satisfy late afternoon hunger pangs.

High tea was actually dinner, served later in the evening,full meal with, of course, tea.

It was high tea because it was served formally at the "high" dining table, rather than on low side tables.

Tea rooms were very popular,catering to the affluent in beautifully decorated rooms complete with fancy linen,superb porcelain or silver tea services and culinary delights.

Tea gardens offered the same in garden settings resplendent with flowers and greenery.

These days, tea parties have once again become popular and women of all ages are enjoying visiting tea rooms that are all decked out Victorian style.

Ladies dress up period style and take great pride on putting on lovely tea parties in their homes

Tea Links

Victorian Bridal Shower Tea

Victorian Baby Shower Tea

Victorian Tea Society have popped up all over the county today.It have become very fashionable to belong to a Lady's Society and carry on the traditions of high society women of day's gone by.

Society List:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Old Fashion Tetley Tea!

I enjoy the taking of tea. I remember my first time having a cup. It was when I was six years old. I woke up one morning with a stuffed nose, coughing and a high fever. My grandmother was visiting us that month and she was good with at old fashion sick remedies. She gave me a cup of Tetley tea with lemon and Jamaican Run. I stayed in bed all morning feeling cozy and loved. So, that was my first introduction to Tetly Tea.

I found this old can at a flee market last week and it brought back that wonderful memory.

The Early Years of Tetley Tea 

 In 1822, brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley began their business by peddling salt from the back of a pack horse in Yorkshire. Later they added tea to their supplies. Eventually the brothers began "Joseph Tetley & Co." in 1837.

Seeking to expand their business, the brothers relocated to London in 1856. London, at the time, was the center of the world's tea trade. The brothers began to focus on tea supplies.
The brothers parted company and Joseph Tetley renamed the company, "Joseph Tetley and Co., Wholesale Tea Dealers."

In 1871, Joseph Tetley took his son, Joseph Tetley Junior into the business.
Tetley Tea expanded into the blending and packing of tea. By 1888, Tetley Tea expanded into the United States, and began to distribute tea in the country.
Joseph Tetley Junior took over the business in 1889, after the death of his father. Tetley Tea continued to expand in America, and by 1913 Tetley Tea had established plants in New York City.

The Tetley Tea Bag has now become one of Tetley's largest sources of income, and Tetley Tea has continued to design new tea bags. Aside from the drawstring tea bag, where the tea bag has two strings for easy wringing, Tetley has also recently designed the round tea bag for easier and more consistent brewing.

I have put some round tea bags in the old tin tea can and I am going to give it away in my November Tea Swap.  I hope they will enjoy an Old Fashion History of Tetley Tea.

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