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Serving the Providence and Local Areas only
  East Providence,  North Providence,  Pawtucket, Providence,  Smithfield,  Warwick, and West Warwick, 
It is always time for Tea!


  1. My Dear Lady Estelle,
    Thank you for keeping alive the wonderful tradition of serving tea.

    I've had the good fortune to experience traditionally served tea in some lovely hotels in Australia and New Zealand during my 15 tenure as a tour guide with Collette Travel. I've also been an enthusiastic follower, and sometime-supporter, of Hearthside House, especially over the 10 years I worked at the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council.

    Do you ever plan tea for the general public? I ask because I'd love to bring my quite elderly mother to tea, but we don't have a group we could join or bring with us.

    Congratulations and good luck with this wonderful venture.

    1. My dear Lesley,
      You can enjoy an Traditional Afternoon Tea on any Thursdays from 1pm- 4pm. Call for reservations. Lady Estelle will put the Pot on for you and your friends. Thank You!


Please write to me. Send me new tea recipes. I love to hear about any up coming tea events that you are having or attending.

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