Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebrate Spring!

In preparing for my celebration of Spring, I wanted to add a little of the out doors inside, until I can get out in the garden. While searching for Spring decor, I found these two little fellows at a thrift Shop. They begged to come home with me. I could not resist.
 They have adjusted well to the decor of the Parlor. Sitting comfortably under some plants they looks so real.
They are no bother, no fuss nor do I have to feed them. They give that sign that Spring is truly here.
We will have to celebrate the first couple of days inside, because we, here in New England are still having snow. Our mid afternoon days are warm with the sun shining though the windows.

But, by late afternoon and our nights are very chilly.

 The Tea Corner is ready for a Spring Tea Party which is in the planning for this month.
 There are so many ideas for a celebration at this time of year.

I am sure you have some Spring celebrations in progress. I would love to get a sneak preview.
                              I am happy that Spring is finally here!

It's Tea Time!


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Saturday, March 14, 2015

My love for tea and blogging.

I have a passion for tea and blogging in the early morning. I enjoy getting up around 4am,(if I do not have to go go into the hotel to work),make a large pot of tea and sit down to my trusty computer to send out my morning greetings to my friends and family.
It is quit rewarding and helps prepare myself for the adventures of the day. "It has become a daily ritual".

News from the tea Lady

Today's News
Dear Tea Friends!
I have been working hard at my job. As Concierge at the Marriott Hotel, It has been a very long week. I have picked up extra shifts this week. It was ware and tare on the body.
It's challenges, but I love what I do. I like being with the guests on a daily bases, getting to know them personally. It is quite rewarding. The pay rate is much lower, but I thank God I am still physically able to work.

I am very happy it is Saturday. I can get to relax and get connected with my tea friends.

I am getting excited about redesigning my tea corner and getting ready for all the Spring Tea Events. My decision to keep my tea corner open has been a comfort for me. I will need to do more teas events to help with extra income. What is nice, is that I will have the time I need to spend on planning and enjoying my guest for tea.

It has been my dream for many years to open a tea parlor and I am feeling the time is now.

Many friend I know have retired form their so- called life long jobs and have set out to open a tea parlor. It has worked out very well for them.
This will be another challenge for me and I will need all of the help I can get.

I know many of my friends here that come to visit my blog have already have tea parlors set up and are doing quite well. I ask for your suggestions and support.
This very cold winter is slowly coming to an end and I am so wishing for warmer weather soon. I wish you all a safe and adventurous St Patrick's Day.Spring will soon be here!

Well take care and God bless you.

Lady Estelle

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