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October tea corner


Of course one can not mention the words "afternoon tea" without immediately associating it with merry England. 

For it was there that, over two hundred years ago, a  Dutchman brought with him from the Orient a peculiar little leaf which, with a little hot water and sugar, made a delicious drink.
At first lordly Englishmen would have none of him--but he didn't care.
 He exhibited the powers of the little leaves, made his tea, and drank it with evident relish. Others were curious; they, too, drank, and once they started it was difficult to do without it.

Someone spread the rumor that this new drink from China contained drugs and stimulants--and no sooner was this rumor spread than everyone began drinking it! 

Even the ladies and gentlemen of better society finally condescended to taste "the stuff"--and lo! before they realized it, it had been unconsciously adopted as their very own beverage!
Through two generations the idea of t…