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The Grand Opening!

I am very excited to invite you to the Grand Opening of StudioE/ Tea Salon. 

I have been planning this for over 10 years when my passion for tea exploring became an obsession. 

Now, I have done it!

I would like for you to come and enjoy my passion and a wonderful Tea Experience.

Join me on Saturday, November 26, 2016.
Doors will be open at 5pm -10pm

Please RSVP by November 19, so "I will Get The Kettle On"!

Great Plans to Welcome in the Fall

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the changing of the color of the leaves , the cool evening, the clean crisp mornings and the renewal of the season... I am planning the grand opening of  Studio E/Tea salon and the Fall harvest of berries, pumpkins and apples will wake the season up nicely.

I have great tea plans to welcome in the Fall and to keep the season warm and eventful.

Opening up my Tea Salon this year.

Soon I will be moving Lady's Estelle Tea Salon into it's new space. The move will take a couple of months, but hopefully by Fall Harvest Tea for the Grand Opening. Please feel free to follow the progress. It is going to be fun and exciting for me. This has been my dream☕☕☕☕

Today's progress on the Tea Salon. The old flooring was pulled up, preparing for the new one.

After new flooring, then a new paint job. All is going well.

Keep your eye out for the Grand Opening. 
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The Abigail's Tea Room with a dear friend!

On August 15th, I traveled to Boston to visit a dear friend of 43 years. We enjoyed tea at the Abigail's Tea Room on the Boston Tea Party Ships.

   Carol and I had such a blast.

It turned out to be a perfectly beautiful day 

When ever you go to Boston you must visit the Boston Tea Party ships.

August Tea with Lady Estelle

It is time for Tea at Lady Estelle's Tea Corner!
We are all set up for you to come and join us for tea and summer time relaxation.
A cool breeze has finally start flowing though the dinning room making for a enjoyable afternoon of tea and summer treats.
Come for tea with Lady Estelle today!

July tea Corner!

If you are planning a Afternoon Tea this summer, this is a great idea! This is a beautiful Summer tea table setting. Very refreshing. This was the delightful tea menu that was enjoyed by our guest for the Derby Day Afternoon Tea at Hearthside House, Mother's Day weekend.

Tea Sandwiches: *Open-faced Cucumber with Fresh Dill Mayonnaise *Southwest Chicken in Pastry Cup *Turkey and Cranberry Orange Chutney in Pinwheel *Layer Imported Boursin Cheese and Watercress *Mini Croissant with Baked Ham and Honey Mustard *Lemon Pepper Salmon Sandwich with *Creme Fraice and Fresh Field Greens
Sweets: *Miniature English Scones *Chocolate Dipped Strawberries *Assorted Miniature Pastries and Cookies
* One must not forget the Assorted Teas!

I hope you like these ideas and call the girls over for

Wonderful Living History Teas.

American's Living History Teas
The June Tea article will introduce you to two historical tea venues in America.
The Molly Brown House Museum   1340 Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO 80203-2417
 Its grand facade represents the Victorian Era- when people dressed like every day was a ball. This grand house was built to never go out of style, with lavish details carved out of rhyolite, sandstone and ornamental wood panels.

The home was decadently decorated and fit for a queen. Even the windows are ornately detailed stained glass and the walls are paved in gold. Let me say that again: Walls. Paved. With. Gold.

As it turns out, it wasn't just Molly Brown herself that was Unsinkable. Her 1889 home was set for demolition in 1970, until it was saved by Historic Denver and turned into a museum. Since then, it has taught more than two million visitors about Molly Brown's extraordinary life, including her commitment to activism and philanthr…