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Shattered Christmas Cup.

Talk about broken dreams. Yesterday, I dropped my favorite Christmas tea cup. It came from my Auntie's estate. I remember the day I brought it home, feeling so proud to have something of hers.
As I took it down off the shelf, it fell and shattered into many pieces.

I was totally devastated.
I always had it displayed on a wall shelf in the tea parlor.

It is made of fine china and it does not glue well. I did everything I could to save it.
Here is my end product. It looks so sad. I can not drink from it anymore. It is just a decoration and fond  memories.

Happy Holidays to my dear tea loving friends,
Lady Estelle

November Tea

I found this lovely tea cup in a thrift store called Savers

. I do not know if you have one in your state.

It is a Royal Abert. I just love all the Royal Abert collection. This was from a tea cup of the month collection.  I do not have all the months, but I love this cup just the same.

Isn't it lovely for the month of November. I have been using it daily for my tea relaxation.
Happy Harvest to you all!

Back On Track for October Fun!

I know I have not posted in awhile. I needed some time to collect my thoughts and and get back in focus. I sent the last 2 months side tracked. My emotions got the best of me for a moment. But now I am back on track. I hope all have been well and enjoying those Fall tea Parties.

I have planned a Black Widow Tea Party for next week. It will be on Halloween night. After you have dressed in your costume for the evening, you can drop by for trick-or- treat or tea. It will start your evening off with a frightful feeling.
Fun Fall Treats:
It's a large cookie. My grand children look for it every year.

 I wish you a Happy Haunted Halloween!

End of the Summer Tea!

I am all settled in my new job. The Tea Salon is back up and running. It is a new month, new season and a good time for tea.
This ending Saturday, I invited some of my family and friends over for tea. It was a renewed experience. Summer is over and it is time for new adventures. We sat and talked about our Summer fun and what we plan for the cooler weather. All agreeded that they will come to the Salon more ofter to enjoy the Fall harvest treats. This is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the up coming season. Step back in time and take in the sound of tranquility and the smells of home baked goods. Perfect time to warm up the oven after a long Summer shut down.
It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon and I am looking for many more.

An American Girl Doll Tea!

The Docents to Hearthside awaits their guest to arrive.  Coming up the walkway to the mansion was many young girls and their American Girl Dolls. It was a sight to behold.
Before entering the building, all the girls got to posse while sitting in an old 1800's buggie. Now on to Tea! We must all remember our Tea Etiquette that was taught by Lady Estelle. At the end of the event, even Lady Estelle had to go for a buggie ride.
See you all next year!

Memorial Day Gardening!

Estelle, Estelle, how is your garden growing?
They say that Memorial Day weekend, here in New England is the best time to put in your vegetables and herbs. This weekend was truly the perfect time.

Well, take a trip out onto my little porch and see what's growing.
I have planted some Basil and Fresh Mint, some Green beans, String Beans, Early Girl Tomatoes, Patio Tomatoes, Crookneck Squash and cucumbers.
And for some color, I planted some French Marigold to brighten up a city patio garden!
So, tell me, how is your garden growing?

Derby Day Afternoon Tea at Hearthside

What a beautiful Summer tea table setting. Very refreshing.

This was the delightful tea menu that was enjoyed by our guest for the Derby Day Afternoon Tea at Hearthside this Mother's Day weekend.

Tea Sandwiches:
Open-faced Cucumber with Fresh Dill Mayonnaise
Southwest Chicken in Pastry Cup
Turkey and Cranberry Orange Chutney in Pinwheel
Layer Imported Boursin Cheese and Watercress
Mini Croissant with Baked Ham and Honey Mustard
Lemon Pepper Salmon Sandwich with Creme Fraice and Fresh Field Greens

Miniature English Scones
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Assorted Miniature Pastries and Cookies

                                                                                                            One must not forget the   Assorted Teas:

An Excellent Book by Cheryl Kling

I just finished a excellent book by Cheryl Kling called "Nature's Royal Tea". What a delight!
It was fun reading it to my grand daughter. I had to read it to her two times. She loved it so much.
It is about an  invitation, on a Spring day, to tea with Queen May. She sends out a firefly to invite her nature friends for a delightful afternoon of treats and friendship. It is a must read. The illustrations are so adorable.
It is a great gift to give to a child with a Spring birthday.
More information about the author at


For our traditional Annual Mother's Day Tea, Hearthside is "Going to the Races"!
Lincoln ---- The historic Hearthside mansion offers the perfect setting for the elegance and tradition of a Victorian Tea Party, and so once again this year, Friends of Hearthside are sponsoring their Traditional Mother's Day Tea on Saturday, May 7, 2011
The Tea provides an experience of grandeur of the late 19 century, when elaborate teas were fashionable social events.
Ladies and gentlemen would often meet in the afternoon to enjoy tea and conversation among elegant settings of lace and dainty china tea cups, with wonderful creations of miniature tea sandwiches, scones, and scrumptious sweets. As with so many Victorian traditions, elaborate dress, as well as proper etiquette, was followed for the ritual of Afternoon Tea. Women would gather with big feathered hats, long full dresses and gloved slim hands.
The volunteers from Friends of Hearthside, who will be dressed in their Victorian fi…

Royalty at Lady Estelle's Tea Salon

I am so excited about a little bit of Royalty added to my tea collection.
I have waited a long time for thees beautiful cups to arrive. They sat in  England's costume for a month.
I am very happy they arrived to the United States in one piece.

Exclusive to the Royal Collection, the exquisite pattern of this English Fine Bone China tea cup and saucer is taken from a dessert stand which formed part of a Minton service purchased by Queen Victoria at The Great Exhibition in 1851. Each piece is finished by hand using 22 carat gold.Comes in Royal Collection box stamped with Made in England.
 My favorite! The Queen Victoria Tea Cup & Saucer

Width 14cm (5½) Height 6cm (3”)

This item has been hand gilded using 22 carat gold, and comes tissue wrapped in a presentation box with an information card. I love the V in the pattern of the saucer.

You can truly say that this collection brings a little bit of Class and Royalty to the Salon.
On Sunday, April 10 the Salon will be open for Afte…

Spring Is Here!

Spring is finaly here offically. Aren't you excited. Come join me in a cup of tea and spring cheer!
Lady Estelle

Tea Cup Thursday

I am sharing Tea Cup Thursday with Miss Spencer.

Happy St. Patty's Day to all my Tea Loving Friends. This is a day of eating, drinking and being merry. I hope this day was just that. I also want to wish all a pot of gold for the coming year.

A Royal Halsey-Very Fine

This is a lovely pink cup I purchased from the Historic Hearthside House Gift Shop. I have had my eye on this cup for quit awhile now.

 "Royal Halsey" very fine china cup and saucer. The cup is scalloped in design. The inside is plain and looks like Mother of Pearl with a beautiful floral design. The outside is pink and trimmed in gold with a gold handle   The saucer is also scalloped with gold trim and a floral design

This is very dainty and very fitting for a "quiet afternoon tea"!

Tea of the Month

This morning , I am enjoying this wonderful tea packaged by TWININGS.
I have not had it before, being I prefer whole tea than bags. But I find this quit enjoyable
I have deiced that this will be the tea of the Month of March.
. I will invite my friends over for a "Irish Tea Time". That sounds like a plan!"
All are invited".!