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Tea Picnic at the Roger Williams Memorial

On Friday June 25th,
it was my friend, Big Bear's Birthday.
Being my birthday is the day after, I thought maybe  I would  invite him and some of our friends to join us for a Tea Picnic at the Roger Williams Memorial Visiting Center, around  noon.

Many of my friend could not make it, so I decided to enjoy a afternoon tea by myself.
Being a true Victorian. I set up a fine table under some trees for shade.  I brought my fine silver tea server, best lace table cloths and napkins, plenty of tea and hot water. A trip to the bakers to get my favorite tea cakes and scones. The table was set and ready for an afternoon delight.
The flowers were in full bloom and a lovely summer breeze was blowing.
A great afternoon for a Victorian Picnic.
It was a fitting for a Queen.
I was there dressed in Victorian attire, enjoying tea, treats and ...what to my surprise!
I had passer by come and join me for tea. We talked about history, our favorite teas, our families and what we liked about living …

Tea Parlor is Open!

This is time for summer Victorian leisure at The Tea Parlor. It has been very warm in the parlor this last couple of months.
I am a true Victorian and I can not conceive a modern air conditioner in the tea room, therefore, making it quit uncomfortable for traditional Victorian tea.

Now, there is a beautiful late afternoon summer breeze that flows across the parlor to make for a delightful early evening tea taking.

I have been enjoying these cool evening times with my favorite cup of  ginger tea. On the nights I find it to warm for hot tea, I enjoy a large class of iced tea mixed with lemonade. It is quit refreshing. I would be pleased if you would stop by!