Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tea Picnic at the Roger Williams Memorial

On Friday June 25th,
it was my friend, Big Bear's Birthday.
Being my birthday is the day after, I thought maybe  I would  invite him and some of our friends to join us for a Tea Picnic at the Roger Williams Memorial Visiting Center, around  noon.

Many of my friend could not make it, so I decided to enjoy a afternoon tea by myself.
Being a true Victorian. I set up a fine table under some trees for shade.  I brought my fine silver tea server, best lace table cloths and napkins, plenty of tea and hot water. A trip to the bakers to get my favorite tea cakes and scones. The table was set and ready for an afternoon delight.
The flowers were in full bloom and a lovely summer breeze was blowing.
A great afternoon for a Victorian Picnic.
It was a fitting for a Queen.
I was there dressed in Victorian attire, enjoying tea, treats and ...what to my surprise!
I had passer by come and join me for tea. We talked about history, our favorite teas, our families and what we liked about living in Providence.
We had great conversations and spent enjoyable time getting to know each other.
All were impressed and very happy to make my acquaintance, and I theirs.

The beautiful park's back drop made a lovely atmosphere for meeting new friends.This is a  great spot for an afternoon picnic or lunch break. It is right across from the State House that can be seen in full view.
Plan your next visit here.
Lady Estelle

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