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December Tea Corner!

December Snowy mountains
Icy cold
December white
And frosty winds

Quiet sky
And clear
No birds
No fluttering wings

Blurry mist
Merry Christmas
Warm abode
And bright lights

Crackling fire
Tea and
Conversations and
Welcome memories

Historical recipe corner - December

As the English established colonies in the New World during the 17th century, settlers took the pie recipe with them. Since the 19th century it has become a favorite dessert in the US during holidays such as Thanksgiving.
The original recipe includes equal quantities of egg, apple and dry sherry. I used a modified recipe to ensure the right taste and cooking time.

Marlborough pie IngredientsFor the pastry:
• 180g strong bread flour
• 1 tbsp granulated sugar
• ½ tsp table salt
• 125g chilled unsalted butter, cut into cubes
• 3 tbsp ice cold water

For the filling:
• 1½ bramley cooking apples (peeled and grated)
• 3 tbsp lemon juice
• 3 tbsp dry sherry
• 30g salted butter
• 140g granulated sugar
• 3 large eggs
• 240ml sing…