Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebrate Spring!

In preparing for my celebration of Spring, I wanted to add a little of the out doors inside, until I can get out in the garden. While searching for Spring decor, I found these two little fellows at a thrift Shop. They begged to come home with me. I could not resist.
 They have adjusted well to the decor of the Parlor. Sitting comfortably under some plants they looks so real.
They are no bother, no fuss nor do I have to feed them. They give that sign that Spring is truly here.
We will have to celebrate the first couple of days inside, because we, here in New England are still having snow. Our mid afternoon days are warm with the sun shining though the windows.

But, by late afternoon and our nights are very chilly.

 The Tea Corner is ready for a Spring Tea Party which is in the planning for this month.
 There are so many ideas for a celebration at this time of year.

I am sure you have some Spring celebrations in progress. I would love to get a sneak preview.
                              I am happy that Spring is finally here!


  1. Dear Lady Estelle,
    It all looks oh so lovely! Happy Spring to you!!

  2. Lady Estelle, you are welcoming Spring in great style. The sweet little bunnies look quite content in their lovely parlor setting.

    Happy Spring!

  3. what a beuatiful post you have done here Lady Estelle! Just lovely - wishing you a wonderful day!

  4. Good Evening Lady Estelle.
    I just came across your lovely blog over at Kathy's Victoria party. I love your post and now following you as I would love to come again!

  5. Lady Estelle,
    Your tea is lovely and the bunnies are so cute! Happy Spring!


  6. Hi Lady Estelle! What a pretty home you have. Your rabbits in the cage is such a cute idea! Your blog is lovely and I can see I will learn much from my visits. So glad to have the chance to visit you from Kathy's Celebrate Spring blog party! Bess

  7. Dear Lady Estelle,
    Despite the chilly weather there you've created an oasis of Spring - those little bunnies are adorable - what a wonderful find - just love your tea setting and know that soon - you'll be outdoors basking in the warmth of the sun, listening to the birds and gazing at beautiful spring flowers - thank you for joining me this week Celebrating Spring with Victoria,
    God Bless,

  8. Your bunnies looks so real and the tea set is gorgeous!...Christine

  9. Your tea setting is lovely and the bunnies are a cute addition. Happy Sprig!

  10. Thank you all for stopping by. I have visited so many new blog this week. Wow, so many new friends with the passion for the taking of tea! Have a glorious Spring!
    Lady Estelle


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