May Tea In The Park!

Sing  the Lyrics and enjoy the photos of my last year's MAY TEA IN THE PARK.

Tra la, it's May, the lusty Month of May
That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray
Tra la, it's here, that shocking time of year
When tons of wicked little thoughts merrily appear

It's May, It's May, that gorgeous holiday

 When every maiden prays that her lad will be a cad
It's mad, it's gay, alive, a lust display
Those dreary vows that everyone takes, everyone breaks
Everyone makes divine mistakes

The Lusty Month of May
Whence this fragrance wafting through the air?
What sweet feelings does it's scent transmute?
Whence this perfume floating everywhere?
Don't you know, it's that dear forbidden fruit

It's May, the lusty month of May
That darling month when everyone throws self-control away
It's time to do a wretched thing or two
And try to make each precious day one you'll always rue

It's May, it's May, the month of "Yes, you may"
The time for ever…

Stages of Freedom presents its annual Tea Party,

Stages of Freedom presents its annual Tea Party,
co-sponsored with Preserve Rhode Island, for young girls of color.

Our host, Lady Estelle Barada, a Black Victorian re-enactor, uses taking tea to teach social graces and etiquette to young girls.

A long tradition in the Black community, tea parties were used to teach manners, networking and raise funds for important causes.

Enjoy tea, pastries and music in the historic Gov. Lippitt House Museum.

Wear your best party dress.

Sunday, April 30, 2017
1:00 PM
Lippitt House Museum
Providence, RI

$5.00 per girl
6 to 12
Register my girl for "Girls Tea Party"

Sponsors play an important role in our Tea for Girls event! Sponsors provide funds that help us improve the event and bring more to the table. Sponsors make this amazing tea party possible, and this year you can make a difference to our wonderful girls.
clicl here to become a sponsor donor of $25.00…

April's Tea News

With 2017 now in full swing, I’m enjoying the changing weather and relishing the thought that Spring is almost here! And as we all know, April showers bring May flowers...

Flowers, warmth, getting out of the house a little more, and light are the elements that excite us this time of the year.  Why not create a gathering to include those very elements? Invite friends over, plan a lunch or tea with flowers as the theme, and good conversation will deliver the warmth everyone will need. Perhaps some of these ideas will help you plan a memorable event. . .
Use floral dishes, old or new, to set your table. Force or buy bulbs in individual glass containers so one can see the roots and growth, and use different stages of growth and flowered bulbs as the center- piece, then give each guest a piece of spring to take home. (Most items can be found in dollar stores)
Floral teas are so varied and abundant. Serve a chocolate rose tea, lemon chamomile, or tea of your choice. Ask your guests to bri…

First Etiquette Class at The Tea Salon

Young girls Etiquette Tea! 
Ages 6-12
 Cost $10.00 
Tea menu : Scone, finger sandwiches and sweet treats.
 Tea etiquette and Table Manners by Lady Estelle
 Girls must dress for tea (Sunday Best)
What a delightful afternoon with these lovely ladies.

Books & Tea Mondays

"Every Monday Night Reading Club!" 
BOOKS AND TEA....Do you enjoy a quiet place to read, but cant seem to find the place nor time. Well, come on Mondays, and enjoy a pot of tea, and your favorite book or one you are reading.
 Enjoy the peace and comfort of StudioE/Tea Salon. Light tea snacks will be served.
DO YOU ENJOY WRITING : letters, post cards, in a journal or working on your first book? Well, we will be setting up a writing table just for that quality writing time! 
 cost: $5.00 small pot of tea or $8.00 large pot of tea per person. 
Please let LADY Estelle know you are coming, so she can put the kettle on.
 Call 315-601-6994

Friday's Avon and Tea Party

You are invited to Friday's Avon and Tea Party

Come and browse the current brochure at StudioE and see whats new. Enjoy your favorite pot of tea with some sweet delights. 
Make it an early Friday night out with the girls..

Welcome To StudioE/Tea Salon

 Location: 210 Ledge Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02904

Studio E is not a tea rooms, tea parlors or coffee shops. It is a place to come and enjoy a custom designed tea experience. It is a unique and new concept.. One can come to network, socialize or just relax...
It is a cultured and civilized social Club.
 By reservations and appointments only. 
Call: 315-601-6994

StudioE/Tea Salon was created by Lady Estelle, the Tea Lady of Providence. With her passion for the Victorian style of socializing, she wanted to incorporate it as the theme to the Tea Salon.