The Young Girls Etiquette Program

"The Young Girls Etiquette Program"
By Lady Estelle

It is important to teach little girls of today the rule of etiquette, the right things to do at the right time. Little girls want to BE pretty, so we as mothers and teachers must teach them how to ACT pretty.
In earlier times, little girls were treated as little women and were expected to obey the same etiquette rules as adults did.

Today, I hold Victorian Teas and invited local girl's scout troop, home taught children and young teen-aged girls from local Providence areas. They learn how to enjoy tea while hearing how little girls of their age were taught to be little ladies. I teach them tea etiquette, how to be gentle, speak quietly, sit and stand tall and enjoy a good cup of tea.
It is a memorable experience for the girls and myself. I am sure they will remember these lessons for the rest of their lives.
I plan to do more of these Etiquette Teas in my Tea Salon.
My motto is: "To Teach Etiquette 10 at a Time" .

The Program includes:   
  • How to set a table for a formal dinner
  • Proper manners at the table
  • Tea Etiquette
  • Polite table conversation
  •  Rules of excusing yourself from the table

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