Friday, December 9, 2011

Shattered Christmas Cup.

Talk about broken dreams. Yesterday, I dropped my favorite Christmas tea cup. It came from my Auntie's estate. I remember the day I brought it home, feeling so proud to have something of hers.
As I took it down off the shelf, it fell and shattered into many pieces.

I was totally devastated.
I always had it displayed on a wall shelf in the tea parlor.

It is made of fine china and it does not glue well. I did everything I could to save it.
Here is my end product. It looks so sad. I can not drink from it anymore. It is just a decoration and fond  memories.

Happy Holidays to my dear tea loving friends,
Lady Estelle


  1. Oh no, oh no, oh no! Let's hope you find one to replace it someday!

  2. Oh so sorry but you did do a great job putting it back to together at least you can still display it.

  3. I have the same cup and saucer along with four dessert plates and saucers. I gave my mother-in-law the set years ago and they came back to me when she downsized with only the one cup.
    You did a wonderful job fixing the cup. Still looks pretty!
    Happy Holidays,


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