Monday, October 11, 2010

A Tea Gift from Ireland

I love receiving unexpected gifts.
Today was Columbus day, so I was not expecting mail nor any delivery on this day.
But to my surprise UPS knock on the door with a small package from a dear friend on my tea network. Recently, she had spent some in Ireland and found this lovely tea coaster and thought of me.
I was so pleased. Along with the Coaster was a  weeks supply of  Bewley's of Island Tea.

Bewley's Tea of Ireland offers a broad range of quality tea.
I had never heard of this, so I was thrilled to be introduced to it.
And speaking of a rare find, she sent me tea from the Java Republic Roasting Company.

I can't wait to relax and enjoy this "Real Luxury Tea!"


  1. I hope you enjoy a few quiet moments as you sip on this lovely tea! Lucky you!

    Take care and best wishes for a happy week,

  2. such a lovely surprise for you !
    a pleasure to meet you lady estelle
    you're most welcome to visit FHC!
    tea is always on ...


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