Saturday, November 27, 2010

Victorian Tea With Lady Estelle

By the end of the 19th century,taking afternoon and high tea was a daily ritual, complete with rules of etiquette that could make or break a lady of consequence.

Afternoon tea was taken in the late afternoon,usually in a drawing room or sitting room with finger-sized,dainty tea sandwiches, scones and sweets,beautifully arranged on low tables.

Tea was served with the best linens and china of the household,and making tea to perfection was a serious matter.

It was a social occasion, time to relax and converse and satisfy late afternoon hunger pangs.

High tea was actually dinner, served later in the evening,full meal with, of course, tea.

It was high tea because it was served formally at the "high" dining table, rather than on low side tables.

Tea rooms were very popular,catering to the affluent in beautifully decorated rooms complete with fancy linen,superb porcelain or silver tea services and culinary delights.

Tea gardens offered the same in garden settings resplendent with flowers and greenery.

These days, tea parties have once again become popular and women of all ages are enjoying visiting tea rooms that are all decked out Victorian style.

Ladies dress up period style and take great pride on putting on lovely tea parties in their homes

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Victorian Tea Society have popped up all over the county today.It have become very fashionable to belong to a Lady's Society and carry on the traditions of high society women of day's gone by.

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  1. I love tea, although I must confess I'm lacking when it comes to knowledge about the Victorian days.

  2. The Victorian era is a passion of mine. I love the fashion and formality of the mans style of dress. I am docent in an historic Manson in my town and I show ladies how they dressed back in the 1800's. It is so amusing. Makes for a prefect topic at a ladies tea party.


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