Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas at Heathside

Sharing my Christmas enjoyments!
I am a docent at The beautiful Hearthside House in Lincoln, RI.

This season each volunteer had to pick a room to decorated for Christmas.
I picked one of the children rooms.
In this room is a child's dream, a Sleigh Bed This is one of two sleigh beds remaining in the house. A hand-crocheted bedspread, which was donated to Hearthside, is displayed on the bed. 

When decorating a child room in the 1800's, one must not want to over decorate this room.
So I decide to make it warm and cozy, but not overly done.
You want the child to go to sleep thinking of the coming of Santa, not sitting up, looking at blinking tree lights and Christmas decor.
I did add a tree to the room , but the lights were soft light, "no blinking or colored lights". It was so shuttle that it worked well as a night light.

Decorating the home is one of my favorite duties of Christmas time. I added a cute little Christmas Village on the mantle. It was so much fun  building the little winter scene and placing the little figures in just the right spot. It even has a little skating pond. I felt like a child again!
The doll has a story and has been in the house for many years. She 100 years old and has been in every part of the house, but she likes it better here. The story is that she has a spirit living in her. Most people who vist the house say,"What a strange looking doll."
I have taken to her and put here in my room. She is at peace! She do not photograph well. Most people can not get a good shot of her.

A lot of thought went into this decorating this room in a true Victorian style.
Next Monday I will show you more of the decorating of the Hearthside House


  1. Good morning Lady Estelle,
    Your child's room is lovely and I like the little village on the mantel. I have my village spread out along the ledge in our family room. I too have a skating rink with children on it. I will have to feature it one of these days on my blog. Have a lovely day.

    Christmas Blessings,

  2. What a lovely room! I am sure you thoroughly enjoyed decorating it with a child - a Victorian child in mind! Love the antique bedspread - so delicate! The mantle is wonderful - everything you've done is special. Thank you for joining me this week at Christmas with Victoria,

  3. It is so wonderful to share my Christmas with you. I am looking forward to seeing all the other loveliness of the season.

  4. Fascinating! That must be very enjoyable decorating the bedroom for Christmas. The outside of the house looks beautiful.
    The doll is the story, and how she does not photograph well.


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