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Happy New Year!

I want to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year.
Christmas is over and I want you to still be happy and enjoy the holiday season. I always get a let down feeling the day after Christmas, so I sit back with my favorite cup of tea and find something to be happy about. It's a sad feeling when Christmas is over. I would love to have it all year round. Just the spirit of Christmas, family togetherness, and festive decorating.... not the crazy hustle and bustle of shopping.
Enjoy your tea and your day!

CHristmas Tea Greetings!

Merry Christmas from Lady Estelle's Tea Salon!

I missed Miss Spencers's Tea Cup Thursday, but I would like to share my Christmas tea with you.

Decorating the Tea Salon!

I spent the last two weeks decorating the hotel, where I work and The Hearthside House, where I am a docent.
Now, it was time to decorate my favorite place..... my tea salon.
Welcome, come right in and make yourself at home.
This will be a true step back in time. Relax and enjoy a cup of tea in the parlor.
I will play some classical music, if you like.
Maybe Swan Lake or the Nutcracker
But, whatever your pleasure, please do not hesitate to ask. Come into the tea Salon for high tea.
I have just put the kettle on.
This Christmas tea pot was a gift from last year. I could not wait to pull it out.

I love the color maroon. So,my Christmas theme this year is cranberries and snowmen.

The water is hot and it's time for tea. Let's enjoy!

Christmas at Heathside

Sharing my Christmas enjoyments!
I am a docent at The beautiful Hearthside House in Lincoln, RI.

This season each volunteer had to pick a room to decorated for Christmas.
I picked one of the children rooms.
In this room is a child's dream, a Sleigh Bed This is one of two sleigh beds remaining in the house. A hand-crocheted bedspread, which was donated to Hearthside, is displayed on the bed.

When decorating a child room in the 1800's, one must not want to over decorate this room.
So I decide to make it warm and cozy, but not overly done.
You want the child to go to sleep thinking of the coming of Santa, not sitting up, looking at blinking tree lights and Christmas decor.
I did add a tree to the room , but the lights were soft light, "no blinking or colored lights". It was so shuttle that it worked well as a night light.

Decorating the home is one of my favorite duties of Christmas time. I added a cute little Christmas Village on the mantle. It was so much fun  b…