Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Tea Corner!

May Tea Corner

Birth flowers - May Flowers are a popular birthday gift, and choosing the recipient’s birth month flower makes it more personal. Take a look at the birth flowers for May.
 If I were to ask you what your birthstone – the gemstone assigned to the month you were born in – is, there’s a good chance you’d know it, or at least understand that there is such a thing. But did you know that every month also has birth flowers?
It is thought that birth month flowers originated in Roman times, when birthday celebrations first began. These early celebrations included decorating the altars of Roman Gods with flowers, and giving flowers as birthday gifts.
 During the Victorian era the ‘language of flowers’ evolved, as a way of conveying a hidden message to a lover without breaking the strict rules of etiquette surrounding displays of love or affection. Fast forward to the present day and we now have a choice of birth flowers with specific meanings for each month of the year.


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