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Wonderful Living History Teas.

American's Living History Teas
The June Tea article will introduce you to two historical tea venues in America.
The Molly Brown House Museum   1340 Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO 80203-2417
 Its grand facade represents the Victorian Era- when people dressed like every day was a ball. This grand house was built to never go out of style, with lavish details carved out of rhyolite, sandstone and ornamental wood panels.

The home was decadently decorated and fit for a queen. Even the windows are ornately detailed stained glass and the walls are paved in gold. Let me say that again: Walls. Paved. With. Gold.

As it turns out, it wasn't just Molly Brown herself that was Unsinkable. Her 1889 home was set for demolition in 1970, until it was saved by Historic Denver and turned into a museum. Since then, it has taught more than two million visitors about Molly Brown's extraordinary life, including her commitment to activism and philanthr…