Thursday, March 9, 2017

Books & Tea Mondays

"Every Monday Night Reading Club!" 
BOOKS AND TEA....Do you enjoy a quiet place to read, but cant seem to find the place nor time. Well, come on Mondays, and enjoy a pot of tea, and your favorite book or one you are reading.
 Enjoy the peace and comfort of StudioE/Tea Salon. Light tea snacks will be served.
DO YOU ENJOY WRITING : letters, post cards, in a journal or working on your first book? Well, we will be setting up a writing table just for that quality writing time! 
 cost: $5.00 small pot of tea or $8.00 large pot of tea per person. 
Please let LADY Estelle know you are coming, so she can put the kettle on.
 Call 315-601-6994

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