Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Tea Cup Trade With "JENNY"S HEART"!

My tea cup trade partner is a lovely lady named Jenny.
When you get a chance, go and visit her at "JENNY"S HEART"
I spent so much time looking to find that perfect tea cup to buy for her. Then after days of not finding what I wanted, I realized that a trade should be something special of mine, something I treasure, not bought. So, I sent Jenny a cup and sauce from my favorite China Dinner Set.

This set was given to me many years ago from and old friend that has pasted away. It was from his mother. They were from Poland. The pattern is a soft pink and blue floral. It's beautifully trimmed with gold.

It was hard to show you the label on the bottom, but it says Johann Haviland  Bavaria, Germany.

I love the pattern on this china. I have done some research on the company and  it's a good quality china wear.

The tea cup has a charming and elegant style.

I hope she will love this tea cup as much as I enjoyed giving it to her.
She told me she loved dainty things, so I also sent her some antique ladies hankies. You must not send a tea cup with no tea, so I sent her Whole Leaf Organic Tea Sachets.

I want to thank Shanon at Faith Hope And Cherrytea for  this wonderful way to make friends.


  1. Very sweet gifts that you sent O love the handle on the cup divine

    Love dawn xx


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