Friday, February 18, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours Goodness!

Today was a gracious day. I just received my Tax Returns which was so greatly need at this point. I was so excited. After receiving the check, my neighbor came with a box in his hand to my door. What could this be?
When it rain, it pours goodness. It was my Tea Cup Trade Package from Jenny's Heart. 
I had been waiting for this for a couple of days, after Jenny told me she had sent it. I was beginning to worry. My package was sent to the wrong house.
My address is 210 and it was sent to 201. I am very lucky I have good honest neighbors. 
It was very well protect in a plastic container. I will remember this style of packing on my next tea cup trade.
It contained much love and care. I want to thank Jenny for all the thought she put into this package.
All wrap tightly with care was this lovely fine china tea cup. I love the soft colors in the pattern.
I also received a travel map of her town in Franklin, Va, a Yankees Candle travel Car spray (Garden Sweet Pea),  travel body powder, two boxes of Russell Stove Chocolates, a Valentine's note pad and a beautiful pink flower scarf that Dollie like to keep warm in.
With all the travel items, I feel I must take a trip to visit my new friend in Franklin, Va.


  1. What a lovely package of treasures:)!



  2. Lady Estelle, I just found your blog. Such a lovely place to visit! I am your newest follower and will visit often. Hugs


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