Thursday, January 7, 2010

Planning a Victorian Baby Shower Tea!

The "showering" of a the "Mommy-to-Be"
has been popular in many countries for hundreds of years
but not in the style we know it today.

Gifts were given when after a baby was born --
usually at the baby's religious christening or
at the baby's debut (it was very common until the middle of this century
that no one was invited to the house until the
baby was at least a month old because of the fear of diseases).

In the very late 1800's, Victorian ladies began having teas for
mommy but not till after the baby was born because pregnant women
did not appear in public.

In the early 1900's, the teas transformed into "showers"
(based on the "showering" of the bride before her marriage)
and umbrellas became symbolic because it was customary for ladies
to carry parasols when they attended these afternoon gatherings.

Almost all of the gifts were handmade except the silver
that was given to the babies by the grandmothers.

In today's world,baby showers are customary and great fun --
especially for a first-time mommy and are referred to as
"sprinkles" for mothers having second or more children.

I am planning a Victorian Style Baby Shower in a Historic Mansion in
Providence. It will be held in the Gov. Henry Lippitt Museum.

I am very excited about this adventure.

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