Monday, March 29, 2010

Best time for tea!

This is the best time for tea. It is 6:am on a Monday morning. The spring rain is tapping at my parlor window. The temperature is 65 and quit comfortable. I am enjoying a cup of "Mother's Miracle sent to me by a dear friend. All is quiet and peaceful.
Most people do not embrace Monday mornings, but I do, if they start off like this.
The light is just peeking though the lace curtains to let me know it time for tea!

I wish all an adventurist day!
  For all of my friend who will be celebrating passover this evening,
"Many Good Blessing to you and your family"!

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  1. Good morning Lady Estelle,
    I am never up that early in the morning although I would like to be. My hubby gets up at six every morning for work but he won't allow me to get up with him. I love your teacup and tea pot in your post below; they are so lovely! I am a hosting a Tea Time tomorrow. I would love to have you join me. Have a beautiful day and enjoy your cuppa tea.



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