Tea From Sweden!

I just love tea swaps. My gift of tea went all the way to Nacka, Sweden. So, you know how delighted I was when I received my tea package from so far away.It was a wonderful experience!

I came home yesterday to find my package sitting on the dinning room table.
As I began to open it, the aroma came out of the package was breath taking.
I received a  bag  of Irish Cream Whole Tea and a bag  of tea called Mothers Miracle " llammas Mirale.

The message that came with  the tea was " am le haghaidh ai pan tae (time for a cup of tea)
Thank you Penny from Nacha, Sweden.
As I sit and enjoy this wonderful tea, I wish we were enjoying it together in this lovely Swedish garden
Varma hälsningar från oss på gården!


  1. Hi Lady Estelle, what a great treat to come home to! The garden in Sweden would be nice a nice place to enjoy a cup of tea too! Have a great weekend! ~Marcy


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